Sunday, April 23, 2023

Killing Babies Trampling the First Amendment

Silencing the Unborn and Trampling the First Amendment

By Pastor Doug Stauffer
Faith Independent Baptist Church

Original Title: Trampling the First Amendment and Killing Babies

As a “people person,” I thrive on connecting with others and fostering open dialogues, even with those who hold opposing views. The perfect opportunity allowed me to engage in such a conversation when a protest against the recent Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision from June 2022 crossed my newsfeed. With prayer as my guide, I decided to attend the protest, armed with a sign that echoed my beliefs rooted in biblical teachings about expectant mothers.

While I hold my views dear, I also respect those with contrasting opinions, understanding that none of us can turn falsehood into truth or the other way around. My poster's essence was clear-cut: the Bible mentions a pregnant woman as either "with child" or "great with child" twenty-five times, indicating that the so-called fetus is, in fact, a CHILD. I intended my sign to represent the voiceless—the unborn child—and to listen to the opposing side without interfering with their proceedings.

Upon arrival, I found a crowd of over 100 participants. My trifold sign remained concealed until I unfolded its flaps. I sat and attentively listened to each speaker, particularly intrigued by the story of a woman from Mississippi. She shared her experience driving underage girls across state lines to Mobile, Alabama, to access abortion services due to her state's restrictions. As a political candidate vying for a congressional seat, her confession shook me to the core, especially as she seemed to wear it as a badge of honor.

The crowd swelled to several hundred as we marched from the park to Brooks Bridge, circling a few blocks before returning to the park. I trailed at the end of the procession, my sign now fully displayed. As we completed our route and returned to the park, my presence attracted the attention of both print and television reporters. My sign, bearing the message "Choose Life NOT Death," represented my take on being pro-choice—a departure from the mainstream narrative.

No sooner had I turned away from the camera after interviewing me than a woman approached me to share her story, emphasizing her point by jabbing her finger in my face. The crowd behind me, now aware of my contrasting stance, also stood between me and my truck. As I attempted to walk through the crowd, they encircled me, chanting, shouting, and swearing. Undeterred, I raised my sign, rotating so they could read it. I was there to share my message and was determined to make it known.

Their circle tightened around me until one of the organizers, wielding a bullhorn, intervened and tried to redirect the group back to the tree where the march had begun. Seeing that many were recording me, I also decided to document them. As their chant changed from “my body my choice” to "separate church and state," I continued to hold up my sign. Forcing my way through the crowd seemed dangerous and potentially hostile, so I resolved to wait them out.

Suddenly, a raincloud overhead broke, scattering the protestors as they sought shelter or ran to their vehicles. With the crowd dispersed, I folded my sign and walked unhindered to my truck, feeling like I had just experienced a divine intervention.

MY TAKEAWAY: While we may not always agree on contentious issues, respect for others is a cornerstone of our great nation. When I expressed this sentiment to the congressional candidate, she dismissed the possibility of dialogue due to our differing views. Yet, despite disagreeing with every other sign I saw, I was more than willing to listen and engage in conversation.

MY COMMITMENT: I vow to improve my ability to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). Although I have long-held beliefs about the preborn, I will always strive to listen when others express their viewpoints. 

Here is the Youtube link and video attached.

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