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One Book Rightly Divided ORDER NOW

Special Announcement (Please Share!!!!) 

July 31, 2018 

One Book Rightly Divided: 
The Prophetic Edition
by Douglas D. Stauffer & 
Andrew B. Ray

Available for pre-publication ordering. The first edition was written over 20 years ago and published in the year 2000. Since then, the book has been updated twice and published several more times. It was originally 276 pages but now expanded to 750 pages. Instead of dividing the book into several volumes, we decided to keep it as one comprehensive volume. 

Proofread and Ready to Go

Attached is a picture of the individual pages of the book printed for proofreading. The book can be ordered from the BibleDoug bookstore here

Special Announcement for All Orders—50% off (Our way of saying thank you for your patience)

1.    On August 7th, 2018, all those on record as having ordered a pre-release copy (or copies) of One Book Rightly Divided: The Prophetic Edition will receive a 50% off coupon valid for August. REPEAT: ALL THOSE ON RECORD WITH AN ORDER CAN USE THIS COUPON FOR 50% OFF THE FULL RETAIL PRICE ON EVERYTHING IN THE BOOKSTORE INCLUDING THE POPULAR SWORDSEARCHER SOFTWARE. THE ADDITIONAL MATERIAL WILL SHIP WITH YOUR CURRENT ORDER UNLESS YOU REQUEST OTHERWISE.

2.    Additionally, you will still also receive free materials equal to DOUBLE YOUR SHIPPING COSTS for any additional incurred shipping (details below). In some cases, this could mean an extra copy of the book.

3.    On August 7th, 2018, EVERYTHING in the bookstore will be listed at FULL RETAIL including the One Book Rightly Divided which will be listed at the retail price of $40.00. Note: At that time, this will be the new adjusted price for the book since the book will be almost triple the size of the original book. Do not worry if you have only paid $30.00; we are not going to up-charge anyone.

**NOTICE** Website Overhaul

The website had to be overhauled to ensure that payments could continue to be processed. The good news: it is faster, more reliable and responsive. The bad news: you must change your password and the pending orders DID NOT populate into the accounts. Ugh! We tried to migrate all names and addresses over, but please CHECK YOUR ADDRESS. Please be patient too. We have a record of all orders although the pending order does not show up in your new account.

(OFFER REPEAT) Pre-order NOW: 
One Book Rightly Divided: The Prophetic Edition

This highly acclaimed book has been out of print for four years and been in revision/update for almost three of those years. We believe this update will be the most life changing book we will ever publish. Those wanting to purchase the pre-release copies of One Book Rightly Divided can now order online.

We have been working relentlessly on the book to get it finished. All the previous charts have been completely reworked and this hardback will be expanded from 276-pages to over 400-pages 650-pages 750-pages (same larger dimension book too with 160 updated charts and tables). All pre-orders will be:

  •  Sequentially numbered
  •  Personally autographed
  • “Double Shipping offset” with free materials so add everything you want to your order (to ship together). This means that if your shipping is $12.00, we will add $24.00+ worth of extra materials to your order. Note: We will honor “SINGLE Shipping Offset” for international CASE orders, but unfortunately cannot make the same offer for international single book orders but may be able to combine with other orders in the same country. That’s better than Amazon! 
If you would like to donate to help get this book to the printer (about $1,650) and printing and initial advertising costs of about $9,200, that would be greatly appreciated. With your help we will be able to send out free copies to those unfamiliar with dispensational teaching. Lord willing, this is the most important book we will ever write and will most likely be the final edition of this book.  

Be forewarned: This is NOT the same book with the same title. Instead of the inherent problems associated with having a single reviewer in the first edition—a Diotrephes at best—we have 68 reviewers on our list (snapshot below) across the entire spectrum of Bible Believers. Many of these men are truly in the likes of Gaius and Demetrius (3 John 9, 12, 1). Those who have read the working copy have given invaluable input for change and exhortation for pressing forward on this groundbreaking work.

Others have tried to interfere with the publication fearing that I have compromised my belief in the infallibility of scripture! As they say in Canada … “No worries.” My prayer is that God kills me if I am guilty of such an egregious sin of dragging the Lord’s name and His word through the mud. I wish to die before compromising my belief in the complete inerrancy of scripture and God’s desire for each of us to know the truth. I will not compromise, nor will I allow those wanting me to “toe the line” to harass or intimidate the work that God has given to us.

Thank you in advance,
Doug Stauffer & Andrew Ray
1 Corinthians 15:10

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